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Back to school, that time of year that invisibly marks the transition from Summer into Fall. But as school draws near, in many places the heat shows no sign of dissipating. And if your child has been struggling to sleep this summer due to heat, light or bugs you may have concerns about whether they will be getting enough sleep to cope when they go back to school.

Get Some Sun and Improve Your Sleep

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It seems counter intuitive, we hear so much about how it is best to sleep in darkness, that we need to avoid the stimulating effects of artificial, blue light and screen time before bed. Not...

Fathers Finding Time - For Themselves and Family

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Fatherhood; one of the most important yet underrated jobs in the world. Yes, we know what many dads provide, a home, security, an education, vacations, all that material stuff. Yet, if that is all they...

Wake up with a Smile - How to Beat Sleep Inertia

Posted by Daniel Lau on
Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t seem to be morning people? Or why some mornings you just can’t seem to get yourself or perhaps your kids going? The answer could be sleep inertia. So what exactly is sleep inertia and is there anything you can do to reduce its severity and length?

Moms, How to Make the Most of a Magical Mother's Day this Year

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Mother’s Day is the perfect day to take stock of our family unit’s emotional well being and to think about creating lasting, happy memories together. Memories that your family can cherish for a lifetime. Research has shown huge benefits for families who practice routines and rituals. Family traditions create a sense of belonging and a feeling of cohesion that can span across several generations.