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Himalayan Salt Lamp and Aromatherapy

We are excited to bring you our latest release! The all-in-one sleep friendly solution for ultimate relaxation.

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Michael M.

My child has a Sensory Processing Disorder and waking in the morning especially for school is very difficult. There is a sensor inside the turtle that detects movement and I have heard her alarm going off on its own to wake her. In addition she has been waking up happy most mornings.

John H.

I was taken aback, at first, by how bright this night light is. It did not take me long, however, to realize that I could see everything much better than I could with previous night lights. The fact that I could see so well and yet get right back to sleep made this product a real winner for me.

Riven H.

These are at least as bright as I had hoped since I'm trying to eliminate blue/green light before bed to promote better sleep. These are legitimate red LEDs, rather than the other versions that tend to be red plastic over white LEDs.