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Available now in three fun colors!

Designed to be within arm's reach from bedtime to morning.

  • The Only Kids Alarm Clock to use Sleep Cycle Detection and Sunrise Lights to Wake Kids Naturally
  • Sleep Training Made Simple! The Countdown Light Pattern Teaches Kids of all Ages to Tell Time.
  • Friendly and Rugged Design that Kids Love. Tested to Withstand Rough Play
  • Made with Child Safe Materials. CPSIA, EN71 US and EU Child Safe Certified
  • Available in Three Fun Colors.
  • Parental Controls Hidden Away Under Shell.
  • Packed with 48 LED's Using Proprietary Wavelength Lights to Help Kids Fall Asleep and Wake Easier.
  • Take it Anywhere! Equipped with a Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery that Lasts 4 Days.

Smart Alarm

Your child will be refreshed and less irritable when woken up.

Sunrise light

Open the curtains without having to get up!

Sleep enhancing light

Simply tap to turn on/off the secure sleep night light.

Count with me

Sleep function trains children of all learning stages. 

Learn Time

Easy clock pattern teaches kids to read time.

Hidden buttons

Hidden buttons for parental setting control.


Your kids may take their Tick Tock Turtle wherever they go.


You can custom brightness, timer, volume and music.


Kids wake up happy!

"Our 5-year-old daughter had trouble waking up for school everyday. It was ruining our days! Now she wakes up happy, on her own, dresses up & brings to our morning the biggest smile always with her Turtle in her arms. At first, buying Tick Tock Turtle seemed fun but I can tell you it was a life changing decision."

Daine P., FL

This is just what we were looking for

My child has a Sensory Processing Disorder and waking in the morning especially for school is very difficult. There is a sensor inside the turtle that detects movement and I have heard her alarm going off on its own to wake her. In addition she has been waking up happy most mornings.

Michael M.

This is the cutest night light I have ever seen!

It is the perfect brightness for the room. It allows her to sleep well but wakes her when she's ready. The turtle is very durable. My daughter dropped it and it remained good as new.

Radyness, MN

My daughter really loves her Tick Tock Turtle

In the middle of the night, it functions as a portable night light – perfect for those impromptu trips to the bathroom. It has been a fun addition to her room and we love using the timer function to keep track of her screen time (everything in moderation, am I right?).


It's Pretty Amazing!

Now that they are 5 and 6, Tick Tock Turtle not only serves as a sleep training aid, but is helpful for learning to tell time. Plus, it’s so stinkin’ cute!

Kristin H

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