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About Us

Children experience new things everyday and provide big inspiration to us parents in the smallest ways. Whether it is speaking their first words, dressing themselves, going potty on their own or just giving a big unexpected hug. At emagine A, our mission is to provide products to enhance the daily living of your families and loved ones so you can focus on the brightest moments of each day such as getting smiles like these!  


From the Founder:

The time we live in is such an amazing time for creators to bring the products of their imagination to life. As an Engineer and growing up in Silicon Valley, I have always been an early adopter in anything tech and am truly excited to see that in the past few years there really has been an explosion of new technology across all aspects of our lives.

Good sleep is something the general population is getting less and less of, but I especially relate to the parents. As a Dad of two working in electronics manufacturing, sleep is something that doesn't come by easy. After our second child was born, I started trying many different sleep products and at the end found that the most simple and effective ended up being a sleep cycle alarm clock app on my phone. It wasn't until then that I realized how big sleep affected my entire well-being. Effective sleep really changed my mood and state of mind not only in the morning, but throughout the day.

Fast forward two years, our two kids just started transitioning to a regular schedule of going to pre-school and every morning was a struggle. Either they were up way too early or after trying everything to get them up they needed to be literally dragged from their beds out of the house. As children, their bodies are much more susceptible to outside factors compared to us adults. Think about how you feel in the morning after a bad nights sleep and now imagine how much worse your children may feel when you pull them out of bed. I thought, "If there is so much technology to enhance the lives of the average adult, why not for those who need it more?". And thus was born emagine A and Tick Tock Turtle.

emagine A is dedicated to bringing families smarter home living solutions to make lives easier through stylish and intuitive design. Thank you and best wishes!

With Kind Regards,

Daniel Lau