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Breathe Easier with Your Mask in Summer

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Summer is here, it’s hot, sweaty and with many states reopening and stay-at-home orders being lifted, you are out and about and most likely wearing a mask. If you thought the hot weather or heat may be a deterrent for the virus, just look at Central America where cases continue to rise. Despite the discomfort, all health experts are still stressing the need to wear masks in public. Many choose to wear cloth masks for the increased breath ability, but what else can you do?

Screen Time For Kids: Understanding the Health Effects

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Allowing children more screen time than what is recommended could lead to adverse health effects including obesity, insomnia, anxiety, and depression on top of the lack of physical activity. Why do screens affect us in this way? It comes down to the exposure of our eyes to "blue light" present in smartphones, computers, tablets, TVs and even in our home lighting. 

The Best Natural Immune System Booster

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When it comes to family, looking after each other’s health is always at the top of our minds. If a loved one is sick, we all need to do our part to stop the spread of illness. However, it's important to keep our immune systems strong to prevent sickness in the first place. Proactive measures such as washing your hands, practicing good hygiene, and staying home when you're sick are important, but one of the easiest ways to naturally boost your immune system is to get a good night's rest! 

What To Do When Your Child Experiences Sleep Regression

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Just when you think you've got this parenting thing down, your happy, well-sleeping baby suddenly gets up multiple times a night. Has this happened to you? If so, your baby or toddler may be experiencing sleep regression. 



Protect yourself from a deadly virus spreading in the US, no it's not the coronavirus

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If we told you there was a vaccine for the coronavirus today, would you plan to get it? If you answered yes like the many others you might be surprised that there is a more deadly virus that has already infected 15 million Americans this year.