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Protect yourself from a deadly virus spreading in the US, no it's not the coronavirus

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Protect yourself from a deadly virus spreading in the US, no it's not the coronavirus

Coronavirus has landed in the US, and with the news of quarantines in China, travel restrictions, and the WHO declaring the coronavirus a global public health emergency, anyone would be worried. If we told you there was a vaccine for the coronavirus today, would you plan to get it? If you answered yes like the many others you might be surprised that there is a more deadly virus that has already infected 15 million Americans this year.

That's right, its the "common" flu that has claimed the lives 8,200 Americans including 54 children just this year so far. What is more surprising is that surveys have shown that more than half of adult Americans and over one third of children did not get vaccinated last year.

With all the information coming out about the new coronavirus, people are overlooking the bigger threat at home. With the flu being around every season, people have begun to think of it like the common cold. Awareness is a must as cases of the flu are continuing to rise every year.

Influenza Chart Infographic Influenza Burden Chart
Source: CDC

Please we urge everyone to get the flu shot and protect yourself from this preventable illness. Based on previous years, the peak of flu season are January and February, so if you have not gotten your flu shot yet, now is a great time to get you and your family protected.

Getting the flu shot does not mean you will not get the flu, but it will decrease your chances significantly. The next best way to prevent the flu and any other virus this flu season is to practice good hygiene. Teach your kids to cover their coughs and sneezes. Wash your hands often and thoroughly as germs on your hands can stay alive for more than 3 hours! See more tips on washing your hands in our other post here.

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