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Healthy Habits for Kids - The Importance of Hand Washing

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The CDC Conducted a study on how proper hand washing impacts children. You will be shocked to know their findings.

Healthy Eating Tips for an Energy Boost and Improved Sleep

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Countless studies show the impact that food has on our bodies and how we feel.  Every nutrient that we consume has some impact on our some part of our body and our mental or physical well-being. This holiday season have a diet plan that that revolves around healthy meals. With the following tips, you can expect to improve your families energy levels and also sleep quality.

You may be buried in things to do for the holidays, but keep in mind that sleep is one of the most important things that you can do for your body. Lack of sleep not only releases hormones that make us want to eat more not so healthy choices, but it also slows down our metabolism so we aren't burning off those holiday pounds!

GOBBLE GOBBLE, The Thanksgiving Decor for your Kids Bedroom

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Spook Up Your Night Lights, Download and Print this Fun DIY Here!

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The Scare that Won't be Keeping You Up at Night! Halloween is just around the corner, have you set up your decorations yet? Here is one fun DIY that the kids can join in on! The characters may be spooky, but paired with our sleep enhancing lights, you wont be loosing any sleep.

Back to School, Getting Back in the Groove!

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If it feels like the start of your school year has been a rollercoaster ride, the best thing you can do is implement a good routine. Maybe it hasn’t been a rollercoaster ride, but you’re concerned that as work load, homework and extra-curricular increase things may derail. The best thing you can do for yourself and your child is plan and get organized. Here are a few tips for getting things on track this new school year.