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Melatonin Supplements For Children - As Safe as Vitamins?

Posted by Customer Care on
As parents we need to ask ourselves if melatonin supplements are the only way to get our children to sleep.  It’s hard to imagine that a product that some manufacturers sell in gummy form for children could be a problem. However, melatonin, while natural may not always be safe

Natural Cold and Flu Fighters that Pack a Punch

Posted by Daniel Lau on
There are many things to look forward to during winter like cozy family moments involving comfort food and snuggling up with soft, fluffy blankets to watch movies. But the downside of winter is that it is cold and the time of the year we are most prone to illness. Germs always seem to sneak in when you least need it, like when you have a big deadline, or your child has a test day at school. When one member of the family comes down with the cold or flu symptoms, are there ways to boost their immune systems and those of the rest of the family to reduce the chances of you all catching it?

Night Light Keeping Your Child Awake?

Posted by Daniel Lau on
Research has shown that blue light sources and led lights reduce melatonin production significantly, and yet a simple search of kids’ night lights on the internet shows that the majority of night lights emit blue wavelengths. 

Simple Steps to Make Family Mornings a Cinch

Posted by About Your Store Collaborator on

Morning chaos. We have all been there. Forgotten lunches or sports equipment, missing shoes or keys, a toddler who is refusing to eat that healthy meal that you prepared. A preschooler who can’t make up...

New Year, New Beginnings

Posted by About Your Store Collaborator on
We have compiled some of our favorite ones for families this year. Resolutions that are worth making, and even better, worth keeping.