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What Does The Zuckerberg Sleep Box and a Sleep Training Kids Alarm Clock Have In Common?

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Have you heard? It’s all over the Internet. The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg's Sleep Box. The reason this invention is getting so much attention is not because of Zuckerberg’s celebrity status, it is because such a simple idea actually WORKS. Actually, many parents may have seen this concept before in many early childhood learning tools such as sleep training alarm clocks for kids. This not only helps kids stay asleep at night, but also helps them to know when it is ok to wake.

Growth Charts - Reading Beyond Average Height

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Initially growth charts were developed for pediatricians. If you have ever found these a little daunting, you are not alone! In fact a study in 2009 showed that up to 77% of surveyed parents interpreted incorrectly the charts containing height and weight. 

Light Therapy – Why you need to be using LED for light therapy

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It doesn’t matter what kind of light therapy you are doing whether it is for back pain, insomnia, skin problems, hair loss, weight loss there are thousands of studies out there that show light does...

Fear of the Dark, What You Can Do

Posted by Daniel Lau on
In today’s post we are going to address fears that relate to bedtime. If your child does not want to sleep alone or with the light off then we have some suggestions to help you get through this stage of development as quickly as possible, with a minimum amount of drama. If your child starts to express they are afraid to sleep alone, the first thing you need to do is identify the cause of the fear. Helping your child to name the fear is the first step to overcoming it.

Raising Independent Children – How to Foster More Independence and Responsibility in Your Child

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Raising Independent Children doesn’t have to be hard, just a bit of awareness. Let your independent child reward you with a little extra time for yourself starting today!