On Sun, Dec 10 17
Healthy Eating Tips for an Energy Boost and Improved Sleep

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.” Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 1826

Countless studies show the impact that food has on our bodies and how we feel.  Every nutrient that we consume has some impact on our some part of our body and our mental or...

On Tue, Nov 20 18
GOBBLE GOBBLE, The Thanksgiving Decor for your Kids Bedroom

Updated for Thanksgiving by popular demand! With the kids out of school, do you need an activity for them to sit down so you can start working on that Thanksgiving dinner? Dress up any night light that you have in your home for the holidays with our fun holiday crafts!

On Thu, Oct 18 18
Spook Up Your Night Lights, Download and Print this Fun DIY Here!

The Scare that Won't be Keeping You Up at Night! Halloween is just around the corner, have you set up your decorations yet? Here is one fun DIY that the kids can join in on! The characters may be spooky, but paired with our sleep enhancing lights, you wont be loosing...

On Mon, Sep 17 18
Back to School, Getting Back in the Groove!

The idea of your kids going back to school after a long summer vacation may have excited you or filled you with dread. One of the reasons you may have been looking at this time with a little trepidation is that you most likely enjoyed the ease of summer mornings...

On Wed, Aug 22 18

Back to school, that time of year that invisibly marks the transition from Summer into Fall. But as school draws near, in many places the heat shows no sign of dissipating. And if your child has been struggling to sleep this summer due to heat, light or bugs you may...

On Fri, Jun 22 18
Get Some Sun and Improve Your Sleep

It seems counter intuitive, we hear so much about how it is best to sleep in darkness, that we need to avoid the stimulating effects of artificial, blue light and screen time before bed. Not only that we also get bombarded with information on how bad the sun is. Cover...