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Light Therapy – Why you need to be using LED for light therapy

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Light Therapy – Why you need to be using LED for light therapy

It doesn’t matter what kind of light therapy you are doing whether it is for back pain, insomnia, skin problems, hair loss, weight loss there are thousands of studies out there that show light does have a tremendous power to impact our bodies. We are not here today to discuss a particular type of light therapy and benefits of treatments such as red light therapy, but instead why you need to be choosing LED’s over any other lighting source.

  1. Wavelengths are Key

Wavelengths of light are what determines what color we see. In the visual range, the human eye sees purple in the lower or short wavelengths while seeing red in the high or longer wavelengths. When it comes to light therapy, wavelength is the most important attribute since this is the type of light our bodies cells are reacting to.

  1. LED’s can Precisely Target Wavelengths

LEDs only emit light in a single narrow wavelength “band” or window. This is great for controlled exposure. With light therapy home treatment gaining popularity, make sure that when looking for a light, check to see that the wavelength of light for the product in question applies to the treatment you are looking to administer

  1. What about “Broad Spectrum Light”

You may find many products on the market with this claim. Typical gas filled bulbs and compact fluorescent lights all are considered broad spectrum. It sounds nice, but really it just means that the light you are getting is across a wide wavelength range. Meaning you are getting less if any of the beneficial wavelengths you are looking for. It is almost the same as doing light therapy with your standard white bulb desk lamp. Yes, you will get some of those beneficial wavelengths, but not enough to provide any benefits.

  1. Coated Lights Do Not Work

You have undoubtedly come across different colored lights to find they are just a white light with a colored film over it. You will find this in many LED lights since white LED’s are the cheaper to manufacture. Similar to broad spectrum lights, you will not get the benefits you are looking for because the base light is not a focused wavelength. In some cases, they will bring about undesired effects.

The most common example would be a red coated white light. Did you know the strongest wavelength in “white” LED’s is in the blue color range? Even after putting a red film over it, this still remains the same. So if you were looking for a red light that will help with your sleep at night, this would actually be COUNTER PRODUCTIVE!

We hope this has been helpful. Again, this is not an article about light therapy, or if it is right for you. Please consult your doctor or physician for further advice. This is for our visitors to better understand why LED’s are the smart choice for controlled light exposure.

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