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"One Touch Faucet Extender"

One Touch Faucet Extender
One Touch Faucet Extender
One Touch Faucet Extender
One Touch Faucet Extender
One Touch Faucet Extender

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Basic - Fits Standard 15/16 or 55/64 Faucets


PLUS version includes additional adapters to fit most US faucets

  • Faucet extender is easy to reach and provides a smooth stream of water
  • 360 degree swivel head not only extends the water stream for kids, but makes it easy to clean the sink
  • Single point of contact that self-cleans every use! Equipped with silver ion technology to stop the spread of germs
  • Set and keep your water temperature the way you want it
  • Rated for 500,000 times use, leak-free
  • Easy Installation. Basic version fits only US standard sized faucets 15/16' and 55/64'. PLUS version will fit most standard US faucets. Please check your faucet sizing before purchasing

The faucet extender that lets your kids "Do it Themselves". Simply press the head to turn on or off your faucet! The easy to reach switch makes it so that there is only one point of contact on your faucet which is automatically cleaned every time you turn on the water! Did you know that the average faucet handle has OVER 20 TIMES the amount of germs compared to your toilet seat?!

Using silver ion technology, its antimicrobial material further prevents the growth and spread of germs! With its innovative patented design, your wet hands never need to reach outside of the sink until your done! Not only that it helps you save on your water bill by using up to 48% less water when the faucet is on!