Breathsync Sleep Light and Sound Machine

Breathsync Sleep Light and Sound Machine

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Fall asleep faster today with the Breathsync Sleep machine. This all natural sleep aid uses both sound and light to guide deep breathing, one of the most powerful techniques for relaxation and deep restful sleep. Breathe along to slow moving waves projected on your ceiling or close your eyes and synchronize your breathing to one of 5 high quality sounds. By using multiple senses simultaneously, synchronized deep breathing becomes second nature and helps clear your mind. The perfect tool for relaxation and those who struggle with sleep.


  • Fall asleep faster naturally and experience deeper more restful sleep
  • Every aspect scientifically designed to improve your sleep habits
  • Ocean wave projector lights for deep relaxation guided breathing
  • Long wavelength amber and red lights to promote healthy sleep
  • Breathe along to 5 different loop-less rhythmic white noise sounds