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Tick Tock Turtle Support

If you are in this section, you likely have already bought a Tick Tock Turtle and have a few questions. The one minute setup guide is an easy hassle free way to setup your clock. Here, we will go into the details of each user setting and how you should expect your clock to operate. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ section or contact us at

  • Setting the sleep time. According to each family’s routine, parents should set the sleep time to the time where your child gets into bed on a daily basis. Except for the “alarm off” mode, each night, Tick Tock Turtle will automatically light up its red night lights at this time
  • Setting the wake time. Set your child’s wake time to the latest time that you can allow in your morning schedule (with a little buffer of course).
  • Alarm Modes. Pressing the “Smart Alarm” button toggles between three modes of operation. In the “OFF” mode, the automatic light activation and alarm is disabled.

In the “ON” mode, Tick Tock Turtle works like a traditional sleep trainer. The night light will automatically turn on at your preset sleep time. One hour before your set alarm time, the sunrise lights will automatically turn on starting with the inner circle. As time passes, the outer circle slowly transitions to white at the same time getting brighter until time is up and the alarm sounds.

In the “Smart Alarm” mode, it operates the same as the normal alarm mode except that 30 minutes before your set wake time, Tick Tock Turtle will begin to watch your child’s body movement. If it detects that your child is in a light sleep stage, it will activate the alarm and display a fully lit shell. If your child displays no body movement during this window, Tick Tock Turtle will sound the alarm at your set alarm time.

  • Setting the volume. Because Tick Tock Turtle sleeps near your child, the volume should be set such that it can gently wake your child but still be heard. If you would like to use the light functions of the turtle without the alarm sounding, you can do so by setting the volume on mute.
  • Night Light. At any time during the night, when the shell is tapped, the nightlight will activate for the period of time set by the “Light Timer” setting. As time passes through the night, the pattern on the inner circle of the shell will display how many hours or how many dots left until morning time. To turn off the night light, simply tap the shell again.
  • Tick Tock Turtle’s Clock Shell. Tick Tock Turtle’s shell is not only a clock face, but it is also there to diffuse light and provide your child a warm soft glow effect. It is also an interactive button for your child to use the night light and sleep trainer features. If the shell is removed during operation, the lights will be deactivated until the shell is re-attached.

During the daytime hours between your “wake time” and “sleep time” when pressed, it will flash the current time showing the hour in the inner circle and minutes on the outer circle in its daytime white lights.

If you would like to use Tick Tock Turtle as a night light before your set sleep time, simply press down the shell and hold for 5 seconds to activate the red night lights. Press and hold for 5 seconds again to go back to day mode.

  • Placement. Tick Tock Turtle should be placed on the bed next to your child within one arm’s length reach. The silicone material adheres well to all different types of bed sheet material and will stay put during the night.
  • Turning off the alarm. When the alarm sounds in the morning, press the shell to snooze for five minutes. To turn off the alarm, shake the turtle and the music and lights will deactivate. Shaking in a bigger slower motion is more effective than short fast shakes.
  • Cleaning. Clean Tick Tock Turtle with a wet cloth. If needed, the entire silicone sleeve can be removed and washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Please allow to thoroughly dry before re-installing. To re-attach, follow our directions here

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