One Touch Faucet Extender Support

If you are in this section, we are glad to see your interest in our product, the One Touch Faucet Extender first. We've showed one minute setup guide on product page for an easy hassle free way to setup a faucet extender. Here, we will go into the details of product operate. If you have any questions, please contact us at

  • One touch On/Off. Turn on and off the water with simply “One Touch” with the easy to reach spout. Great for not only kids, but anywhere your hands get dirty like in the kitchen or workshop!
  • Extended 360 head. For toddlers who can't reach the faucet handle safety without parental assistance, the extended and swivel head provides  
  • Constant water temperature. The "One Touch" usage method eliminates the need for your child from touching the faucet handle but keep your water temperature constant and safety after you set at first time! While the best hand washing temperature of water is between 85F to 100F.
  • Antibacterial material. The touch head is made by Silver ions what are mostly used as an antimicrobial applications in medical area. The silver ions are bio-active and will destabilize the cell walls of an infectious microorganism and quickly prevent cell respiration.

For maintenance:

Yes, the One Touch Faucet Extender has already configure with antibacterial material that can  prevents the growth and spread of germs, but we still need to clean it regularly to keep our washing experience from lead or soldered joints in the pipe.

Not only clean them when get clogged, for better water quality, be sure to wash them every month at least, and it should be adjustable due to the region you live or water source situation.

To clean aerators, you will need:

  • Rag
  • Our Rubber Strip or a Wrench
  • Masking tape ( If you use wrench )
  • Old toothbrush
  • White vinegar
  • Smallplastic tub


1. Turn off water and place a rag in the sink drain in case you drop any pieces.
Maintenance Step.1
2. Unscrew the aerator. If you missed your rubber strip and need to use a wrench or pliers, wrap masking tape around the tips of the wrench or pliers, or on the aerator to keep from scratching on the aerator.

Maintenance Step.2
3. Separate each part—Aerator housing, Aerator, Swivel head, and Adapter.

Maintenance Step.3
4. Scrub them softly with a brush, especially the filter when debris will build up on.

Maintenance Step.4
5. Put the aerator parts back together and screw back

Maintenance Step.5