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One Touch Faucet Extender Support

Thanks for visiting our One Touch Faucet Extender support page. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

  • Installation. Please refer to our user manual (downloadable below). You can also choose to install the head only without the swivel. Purchase a step stool that allows your toddler to reach the faucet head
  • 360 degree swivel head. Adjust as needed for your sink. Also works great when cleaning the sink. 
  • Constant water temperature. The "One Touch" feature eliminates the need for your child to the faucet handle and at the same time keeps your water temperature constant and safe after you set at first time. Set it to your preference, but the best hand washing temperature of water is between 85F to 100F.

Water Flow Adjustment

If you feel like your water stream is a bit weak or too strong, you can adjust the water flow on the aerator. Just pop off the filter with a safety pin and adjust the position of the flow chip.

One Touch Faucet Water Saving Adjustment


Our One Touch Faucet Extender is made with antibacterial material that prevents the growth and spread of germs, but you will still need to clean it regularly to prevent mineral and debris buildup that could affect the water flow and operation of your faucet.

We recommend to clean the aerator once every two months for best performance. Your mileage may vary based on your location and water source.

To clean the faucet extender, you will need:

  • Rag
  • Our Rubber Strip or a Wrench
  • Masking tape ( If you use wrench )
  • Toothbrush

1. Turn off water and place a rag in the sink drain in case you drop any pieces.
Maintenance Step.1
2. Unscrew the aerator. If you have lost your rubber strip you may need to use a wrench or pliers. Use a cloth or wrap masking tape around the tips of the wrench or pliers to keep it from scratching your faucet extender.

Maintenance Step.2
3. Separate each part - aerator housing, aerator, swivel head, and adapter ring. You can also remove the push head from the aerator by simply pulling it off.

Maintenance Step.3
4. Scrub the parts with a brush under running water making sure that any visible debris is removed.

Maintenance Step.4
5. Put the aerator parts back together and re-install. Hand tighten only

Maintenance Step.5


Lost your manual? Download it here

One Touch Faucet Extender Manual