Tick Tock Turtle

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Key Features

  • Sleep cycle alarm reduces morning grogginess and irritability
  • Sunrise light promotes natural waking
  • Can be used as a night light 
  • Fully portable with 2600mah rechargeable battery (charger included)
  • LED colors for sleep and wake enhancement
  • Hidden setting buttons for parents
  • Adjustable music, brightness, volume, night light timer
  • Teach your kids with Tick Tock Turtle, from counting to reading a clock


Tick Tock Turtle is a full featured alarm clock that is your child's all in one sleep companion. After the initial settings are programmed by the parent, it is simple enough to be fully operated by your child. Tap the shell and the digits of the current time are lit up so your child can learn how to read a clock in a fun new way. In the evening when the turtle is tapped, the clock will glow a soft red color perfect for letting your little ones drift off to sleep. Throughout the night, the red indicator lights will disappear one by one as time passes. If your toddler needs to leave the bed, Tick Tock Turtle can also be used as a portable night light.

Once Tick Tock Turtle enters the last hour before your set alarm time, the red indicator lights will transition one at a time to white daytime lights mimicking a slow sunrise preparing your child to wake using light therapy. When all lights are white your selection of music will play, and your child will be ready to start their day! To stop the alarm, either tap Tick Tock Turtle for a few extra minutes of sleep, or shake to turn off the alarm. 

For those children who have difficulty waking up, Tick Tock Turtle has a smart alarm setting. This function will monitor your child’s body motion to determine if they are in deep sleep or light sleep. 30 minutes before wake up time, if Tick Tock Turtle detects an opportunity to wake up your child during a light sleep cycle, the alarm will turn on before your child can drift off back into deep sleep. Your child may be getting up a few minutes earlier, but we promise they will be in a better mood! See this article on sleep inertia