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Besides an alarm clock how else can Tick Tock Turtle be used?

Your imagination is the limit! Tick Tock Turtle is designed such that children of all ages are able to learn time and can be used for any various activities. Here are some examples of different ways to tell time.

Stage 1 - Red on the center display means stop and white means go

Still Bedtime Still Bedtime 2 Wake Up Time

Stage 2 - Count down the number of red lights remaining

4 inside dots 4 outside dots Wake Up

Stage 3 - Number of hours and minutes remaining (we recommend learning the counting by fives song!)

4 hours to go 20 minutes to go wake up time

Stage 4 - Reading a clock

Equipped with a Lithium Ion Battery, Tick Tock Turtle is fully portable can also be used as a night light to guide your child at night.

Will there be a smart connected version?

If we reach our campaign goals, we will begin the development of our second version as we already have lots of ideas and would also love to hear your feedback. We are confident that the current version of our product will immediately address the needs of countless families and can't wait to get it into your hands.   

How long does the battery last?

Under normal use 4 days on a full charge

Why does Tick Tock Turtle need to stay in bed with my child?

Tick Tock Turtle is a training tool for children to gain independence and confidence while getting a great nights sleep. The best sleep environment is a completely dark room. With Tick Tock Turtle within arms reach, your child can rest assured that at anytime they can turn on the Tick Tock Turtles sleep aiding light at a touch of a button and at the same time tell how much time is left until morning. Tick Tock Turtle also has a built in motion sensor so in order to use the smart alarm feature, it will need to be on the bed.

My child kicks at night, how can I get Tick Tock Turtle to stay in bed?

The silicone material on Tick Tock Turtle grips to all types bed sheets. Even if it is placed on the edge of the bed while your kids are tumbling in their sleep in most cases Tick Tock Turtle will still remain on the bed!   

How does the smart alarm feature work?

Tick Tock Turtle has a built in 3 axis g-sensor to track your child's movements. During the night we go through cycles of sleep where the lightest stage of sleep is linked to body movement. Tick Tock Turtle will begin to watch your child's movements 30 minutes before your set alarm time and wake them up in their lightest stage of sleep. This is as close as it gets to waking naturally and you will notice that your child will be much more alert and ready to start their day.

Does the smart alarm feature work with a memory foam mattress?

Unfortunately it does not. It works best on a standard spring mattress.

Why red lights at night?

Does your child have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Take a look around the bedroom, are you using LED's in your ceiling, lamps or night lights? Are they White or Blue? Whether it is on your TV, smartphone, or LED bulbs in your ceiling, the majority of LED's use phosphors to shift blue light to the white spectrum. This is because blue LED's have been developed by the industry to have the highest lumen per watt efficiency. Just look at the intensity of blue light in a typical "white" LED!

These short wavelength blue light sources are proven by countless studies to inhibit the sleep hormone melatonin. Sleep experts recommend to limit blue light exposure before sleep. We also like to think it is also easy for kids to learn, red means "STOP"

Are the materials used safe?

All exposed materials used on Tick Tock Turtle are made from 100% recyclable food grade materials.

Are the batteries safe?

We have designed this product to be used first by our families and those around us so safety is our number one concern. We source only the most reputable 18650 cells (also used by Tesla Motors). 

What about duties and VAT?

International customers will be responsible for import taxes, customs duties and additional fees imposed by the destination country.